Saturday, November 19, 2011

1/144 Avro Lancaster - "Dambusters" - Amercom

1/144 Avro Lancaster B. MK.I  617 Squadron (RAF) "Dambusters" - Amercom

Amercom's next magazine tie up on the subject of the Avro Lancaster will come with an interesting version of the Lancaster. The Lancaster B. MK.I (special?) one of the variants used by 617 Squadron also known as the "Dambuster's", so it will be interesting to see if this version comes with the "bouncing bomb" or the "Tallboy" bomb? The removal of the mid turret and the fairing of the forward gun turret would infer that it should be the "Tallboy" option?
Released in Poland on 23rd November 2011.

Picture with permission of Inkub at at Miniwojna Blog
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Mark Taylor said...

Must be the Tallboy option , has the codes YZ , on the Dam raids 617 had AJ codes on the lancs , plus its got the daylight camo scheme.


Anonymous said...

I've just recieved a couple of these lancaster . I confirm the scale 1/144; the wing span is 21.59 cm. I also confirm it is a grand slam one. need some more paintig, lashing and drybrushing for more accuracy. Alain