Sunday, November 27, 2011

1/144 Fw-190 Series 2 - ACI (Aviation Model)

Aviation Model 1/144 German WWII - Fw-190 Series
Series 2 - "Night Fighters"

Originally announced in 2010 as seen on this blog , this series seems finally ready and availabe for purchase directly or through your ACI distributor!. 

It is interesting to see some of these with wire added to represent the radar arrays used in the night fighting role. I wonder if Tomytec or F-Toys will take notice?

(Without Wire)
#70007 “RED 3” FW 190 A8
#70008 “Yellow 18” FW 190 A-7 (JG300)
#70011 “Green 3” FW 190 A-6 ("Hptm.F-K Muller; Stab/JG300)
#70012 “Green 1” FW 190 A-6 (Major.Hajo Herrmann "Stab/JG300)
#70013 “Black 12” JG300
#70014 “Black 4” JG300
Price (w/o wire): US$15.50

(With Wire)
#70009 “Red 21” FW 190 A-6 Neptun with wire
#70010 "Yellow 1N" Fw190A-7 Neptun with wire (Lt. Klaus Bretschneider 6./JG300)
Price (w/wire): US$17.99

Packaging: Paper box and blister (each pc.) / size: 90 x 124 x 36 mm

Please click following link for more details.

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