Sunday, April 29, 2012

1/144 Thunderbird 1 - Aoshima (re-issue)

1/144 Thunderbird 1 - Aoshima (re-issue)
Aoshima are to re-issue their classic kit of Thunderbird 1 (original version), its quite a bird at @260mm.
It can be build legs up or down, and the wings are movable to provide the variable geometry, the various build threads indicate that the panel lines and detailing is nice and fine and in proportion. Interestingly, a number of different versions of the TB1 were used in the original Gerry Anderson productions ranging from a Shiny TB1 in Series 1, to the more dull matt version used subsequently. In addition, there were differences in the the actual detailing of the design, it is widely held that the Aoshima takes the best bits of all of those design to make this the most interesting to build and display whilst retaining the look and feel of the originals.

Estimated Release: June 2012
Estimated Price: Y2800/$30/20Euro/£17

Various review and build threads:

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