Friday, April 13, 2012

1/144 US Attackers - F-Toys

1/144 US Attackers  - F-Toys

A new series of modern jets from F-Toys Workshop Series. I cant see to many people getting overly excited by there release as a number of these aircraft types have been done before, and in the case of the F-15 probably better too!? I hope that generally awful paintwork is due to these being photos of the production prototypes or some heinous act on the part of the photographer?

Still, its not just US schemes, but RAF (UK), RSAF (Saudi Arabia) and IDF (Israel) schemes.
Expect the usual colour variations and a series special.

Available: June 25th 2012

USMC VMA-214 AV-8 Harrier  II+ (wiki ) (wiki)
RAF No1. Squadron BAe Harrier Gr.9 (wiki) (wiki)
USMC VMA-214 AV-8 Harrier  II+ (wiki) (wiki)

389th FS USAF F-15E (wiki) (wiki)
IDF 69th Squadron F-15I (wiki) (wiki)
RSAF F-15S (wiki) (wiki)

47th FS USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki) (wiki)
18th FS (?) A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki)
66th FS A-10 Thunderbolt II (wiki)

Source: Platz


pgwheel said...

the third av-8 is vma-513

the 1st and 2nd a-10 markings are reversed
no 1 green cammo is 18th TFS

no 2 gray is the 47th FS

rkmasu.. said...

I should be happy with :
F-toys Korea war US planes:
with F-80C
Meteor Mk.8
F-toys Falklands/Malvinas 30 years
Mirage IIIEA
Sea Harrier FR.1
HArrier GR3
or A-4Q/P
F-Toys Helicopters
Kaman Seasprite
F-toys Early jets Us navy
F-11 tiger or FH-3 demon
F-toys Euro jets
Vampire/Venon/sea Vixen
Mirage III E or F-1
F-toys WK collecion
Me-109 G6 gustav
Mig-3 or LA-5/7
F-toys twin engine
Pv-1 Ventura/Hudson
A-20 boston/p-70 havoc

Someone in Ftoys need read this..if one of this series came in production...I think will sell like the Star wars series and WKc with P-39 and P-40...

John Haverstock said...

send them your wish list. I have found them very receptive to our thoughts.
This set does seem to be a waste of good plastic. All of these have been done in kit form and as trading planes. Its high time for something new...

rmasu said...

John I don´t have contact or link with f-toys or cafereo guys.
but some of itens I wrote here all are very welcome...and have a little of common ...Sea Harriers for exemple are being release by Italeri ,Airfix in 1/72 due 30ys of Falklands War...we could have a new mold of this plane and get a RIP for old Crown/Academy kit
In the past I had wrote here about the danger in make unwanted the last of Bandai Wing club(repeating itens..or releasing already done in kits itens)
We could have a Ftoys boxset with:
Cold war jets - F-89 skorpion
- F-94 Starfire
- F-101 Voodoo
Helicopter boxset Mi-8 hip
Ch-34/S-58(used by Japan) or even as Wessex
S-80/CH/MH-53E(used by Marines/navy and Japan)
WCK series Ki-115 or J8m
P-36/Hawk 75
Fw-190A4(early short nose)
or mig-3 or D-520
Also have a big bird boxset
with a G8M rita
Fw-200 Condor
Tu-2 or pe-2
A-26K invader
What makes sad is you see a book of WW2..and see picture of A-20(boston,Havoc,P-70)with plenty of versions,countries,theathers and have no kit(injected) or cheaper trading toy...or planes like Mig-3 ,me-109G6,P-36...thousand of painting possibilities...and no decent kit avaliable...