Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1/144 PBY-Catalina Part.1 by FCM

1/144 PBY-Catalina Part.1 by FCM
A new set of decals #14434 by FCM of Brazil have been released providing 3 alternative scheme on a South American theme. The screen printed decals are printed by Microscale in the US and result in incredible detailing (see pictures above)

2x from the 2nd Patrol Group of the Brazilian Air Force. (FAB), one of which is the interesting scheme for Ärará (She was christened Arará after the steamer of the same name previously sank by the U-507 off the Brazilian coast), although shown here in 1945 markings, the aircraft was in July 1943 involved in sinking the U-199 of the coast of Brazil east of Rio de Janeiro

and the other; a surplus RCAF PBY from the Argentine Grupo Aeronaval de la Flota (GAN)seen here in 1958 colours.

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