Friday, April 06, 2012

1/144 Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 - Kampfflieger

1/144 Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 - Kampfflieger

The Petroczy-Karman-Zurovec PKZ 2 helicopter, despite its name, was invented by Wilhelm Zurovec for which he alone received German patent No. 347,578, dated 12 February 1918. The 1400 kg PKZ 2, primarily developed by Ensign Wilhelm Zurovec. The triangular structure used three 100hp Gnome rotary engines powering two counter-rotating propellers. The engines were soon replaced with 120hp Le Rhone engines and flight tests resumed that May. The vehicle was flown over 30 times, eventually with a second observer, and reportedly achieved a tethered height of 50m and an endurance of 30 minutes

Sources: combatreform and Aviastar

Available from Kampfflieger @ Shapeways

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