Sunday, April 29, 2012

1/144 German E-10 Jagdpanzer - CGD

1/144 German E-10 Jagdpanzer - CGD
with Crouching Ability and Optional Schürzen

The E-10 Jagdpanzer based upon the PzKpfw 38 (d) chassis, and designed to utilise a standardised platform for a family of armoured vehicles. The E-10 was meant to replace the successful 'Hetzer' Jagdpanzer itself based upon the earlier 38(t)

E-10 Entwicklung Series at: wiki info and Achtung Panzer

One special feature of the design of the E-10 was an auxiliary drive connected to the suspension to lower or raise the vehicle. The potential of this design was not practically realized until in 1950s with the introduction of the Swedish S-tank.

This 1/144 Panzer '46 German E-10 Jagdpanzer model contains 4 parts, a chassis, a detachable track system, and two Schürzen. To simulate the ability of the E-10's adjustable suspension, customer simply flip over the track system during assembly, to have the E-10 in travelling or crouching mode (which reduced the vehicle height).Glue is not required for the assembly of the track system and Schürzen.


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