Sunday, April 15, 2012

1/144 Russian KV-1s Heavy Tank - CGD

1/144 Russian KV-1s Heavy Tank - CGD

The KV tanks was a series of WWII Soviet heavy tanks named after defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. The tank was heavily armoured and was immune to early German antitank guns. But later in the war, these heavy tanks were unable to keep up with the fast T-34 tanks. So a light armour version was produced. KV-1s, or in Russian KB-1c, is a lighter armoured version of the KV-1. Lighter armour meant faster speed, which is what the "s" stand for, high-speed, or in Russian, скоростной. The new turret was also the first Soviet tank to be equipped with a new commander's cupola with all-around vision blocks.

Also, available as a turret conversion set is for converting existing 1:144 Takara KV-1 tanks into KV-1s. The turret pivot is 2.7mm in diameter. Should fit tanks from other manufacturers too.
Photos show painted turret mounted on Takara KV-1 chassis (KV-1 chassis NOT included. THIS MODEL IS UNPAINTED.):  See KG144BBS

Available: here and here, CGDstore, CGDebay

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S. Kahani said...

I am very proud since I have pestered the guys at CGD several times "lobbying" for such a release!

Glad to see that, when they found time, they finally listened to my advice!

Now I have to buy some of them!!!!