Saturday, August 18, 2012

1/144 C-2A 'Greyhound' Conversion - OzMods

1/144 C-2A 'Greyhound' Conversion - OzMods

Ok, its not the first (Y-Kraft), its not the most detailed and expensive (Foxone), but it is the best value and most practical. That right, OzMods have commissioned a new conversion for the Revell Hawkeye kit and will be available from their website soon for $17.60 AUD - use the contact details for ordering information. 

The kit consist of two half shells of transparent clear injected plastic for the revised fuselage, which has various windows marked out finely, so you will need to practice your masking skills. It does however mean that the windows and fuselage are not separate pieces and that a nice smooth finish can be achieved around the glazed areas. you will be advised to choose your adhesive carefully as not to induce fogging. The injected tail plane and cargo doors are of a different plastic to the fuselage, and of course the ramp can be positioned as required. A simple a resin cockpit is supplied that would benefit from some additional self detailing. finally nose wheel well and assorted aerials also are included.

 Decals are provided for USN VRC-30 and are strong and bold in colour and will finish the kit of nicely

Wiki for the C-2A Greyhound (here

See OzMods Website (  order contacts)

Also available separately from OzMods are Hamilton 8 Blade Propellers.

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Naval Fighters said...

Hi Martin!
here photos of absolutely new tool A-Model 1/144 IL-14 cargo version:

comment of topicstarter:
"Get trial castings transport Il-14, given the negative reviews of previous Il-14P, it was decided not to spoil the reputation of the company and do the re-tooling, including the master model."