Friday, August 17, 2012

1/144 New Kits from DAMEYA

1/144 New Kits from DAMEYA
Dameya has added to his range of CAD models designed for the Shapeways FUD (Fine Ultra Detail) material, this results in a very high degree of detail and sophistication in his models.

Sd.Kfz.4/1 8cm Panzerwerfer 42 - Staggered by the effectiveness of the BM-8 & BM-13s, the Germans developed an operational response using finned rockets for greater accuracy opposed to those used in nerbelwefers. (Dameya also has two other Sd.Kfz 4 varients available)

BM-13 KATYUSHA - The classic Soviet "Stalin Organ" ideal for your Assault on Berlin...

PBR31 MkII "PIBBER" - This just screams "Apocalypse Now", all credit to the first person who does this hanging under a Bell Huey, or recreates the river scene with the B-52 Tail Section!

See DAMEYA's Shapways Store:

I recommend anyone with an interest in new 1/144 items being produced via the Shapeways tool to visit: Sort by New - 1/144 List


Anonymous said...

They are unpainted right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are correct.
Shapeways items direct from source are not painted. Painted items are shown as an indicator of what the completed item could look like in the hands of a competent modeller.