Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1/144 Westland Whirlwind & Martin Maryland

1/144 Westland Whirlwind &  Martin Maryland - Kampflieger
While Kampflieger is known for his prodigious range of 1/144 WWI aircraft, and a few Luft 46 aircraft, he has taken to producing a number of more unusual WWII models (They look like scaled up versions of his 1/200 gaming pieces, in which case a rescaled Bristol F.11/37 could be fun!)

Westland Whirlwind ( A wheels down  props version would be nice) an interesting fighter sidelined by its more sucessful singe engined counterparts. (available here )

Martin Maryland (interesting and unique in 1/144), an curious service history designed for the US, sold to the French and used by the British and SAF in North Africa and Middle East.(available here)

I recommend anyone with an interest in new 1/144 items being produced via the Shapeways tool to visit: Sort by New - 1/144 List


Anonymous said...

Shapeways just need to come up with a better (no graininess) material than WSF and finer resolution (and FUD is ok but not there yet).

peter h

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