Monday, August 13, 2012

1/144 F-Toys Select Vol.1

1/144 F-Toys Select Vol.1
A curious new release is coming to light from F-Toys, currently I don't think it will set to many peoples world alight, but for some collectors who have to have every X or Y should be in for a treat!?

We may need to wait until we see a) any further images, b) clearer images, I say this as some look like the alternate decals from the original issues, others either perhaps not, or I don't have the kits to check.

P-51B Mustang
Bf109E-4 Messerschmitt
Fw190D-9 Focke-Wulf
Zero Fighter Type 52
F-100D Super Sabre
F-86F Sabre
F-4J Phantom
F-14A Tomcat

Expected Release Date; October 2012


rkmasu said...

Maybe can be good for trading toys collectors...
For modelers at least we can get good cheap F-4J and F-100D
If came with decals better!

John Haverstock said...

The F-Toys F-100 is an outstanding model, perhaps the best they've done to date. Its only real shortcoming is that it doesn't have inboard & outboard pylons for bombs. The more common 335 gallon tank would have been a welcome alternative to the one that comes with the model.

The F-Toys F-4J is ho-hum, and not very accurate. For a better J you use a Doyusha F-4EJ with a conversion nose section (available from me) or use a Cafe Reo F-4D, with IR/RWR fairing removed and Doyusha F-4EJ afterburner cans.
John H

rkmasu said...

Thanks,for info...I still not rebuild this F-4s..I have the Cafereo and one F-4EJ ..
F-100 also is in my list without paint...and ready for start..

Anonymous said...

Is the F-100 rare? My kit list tells me I've got one but no idea where it came from ...

BulBulay said...

Interesting Blog....

John Haverstock said...

The F-Toys F-100 kit is not rare (yet). They can still be had on ebay for a reasonable price. You can also find the old Otaki F-100 on ebay, but it is nowhere close to the detail & accuracy of F-Toys'.

Anonymous said...

Diese Modelle sind doch im Prinzip alle aus aelteren "wing kits", nur mit neuen decals!
Da ich ein Fan fuer Modelle aus dem WW I und WW II bin, gefaellt mir die P-51 B "Old Crow" sehr gut,...bis auf den Haubenrahmen, der beim Original nicht lackiert, sondern in rein Aluminium war!!
Enttaeuscht bin ich allerdings von der FW 190 D-9 "rote 3",... denn die Fleckentarnung auf dem Fluegel und dem Hoehenleitwerk entspricht nicht der "roten 3", sondern der "roten 1" dem gleichen Modell, das bereits im "wing kit 8" erschienen ist!! Wen das genauer interessiert, sollte mal im internet googeln, da kann man den Unterschied der Tarnlackierung deutlich erkennen!
Eigentlich schade, denn die Qualitaet der Modelle von F-Toys hat sich in den letzten 2 Jahren deutlich verbessert, da sollte auch eine angepasste Lackierung moeglich sein!?!?