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1/144 New WWII era fighters and Projects - Kampfflieger

1/144 1/144 New WWII Era fighters and Projects - Kampfflieger 
The Kampffliger brand continues to add new aircraft to its range almost daily it seems. Subjects are covering period of both World Wars and the interim period. he we have mix of production items, protoypes and design concepts. While I am clearly focusing on 1/144 those who dabble in other gaming scales may also find some interest in KFs other scale ranges.

1/144 Polikarpov I-152
cm: 5.736 w x 5.586 d x 2.054 h
An interesting development of the I-5/I-15, although not seen as particularly successful in soviet eyes there were sold in significant numbers overseas to Chinese Central Government, Spanish Republicans and laterly on the Eastern Front by heavily outmatch VVS forces.

1/144 Bristol F.11/37 (optional wheels)*
cm: 12.522 w x 8.066 d x 3.074 h
Most have heard of the Bolton Paul Defiant, not many have heard of this unusual Bristol Turret fighter! This is the Bristol companies response to a different Air Ministry specification 11/37 for a Twin-engine two-seat day & night fighter/ground support. It did not enter production.

1/144 Miles M.20/2*
cm: 6.28 w x 6.604 d x 2.542 h
1/144 Miles M.20/4*
cm: 6.286 w x 6.612 d x 2.544 h
The Miles M.20 was a Second World War fighter developed by Miles Aircraft in 1940. Designed as a simple and quick-to-build 'emergency fighter' alternative to the Royal Air Force's Spitfires and Hurricanes should their production get disrupted by bombing. In the event, due to dispersal of manufacturing, the Luftwaffe's bombing of the Spitfire and Hurricane factories did not seriously affect production, and so the M.20 proved unnecessary and was cancelled.

I think that Kampfflieger is going to a dangerous place, he will surely have to produce a version of the iconic and under represented Martin Baker M.B.5 'possibly the greatest piston engined fighter developed during WWII' :-)

* For anyone interested in more details on these and other British project I can highly recommend the following book: British Secret Projects - Fighters and Bombers 1935 - 1950, By Tony Butler.

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