Thursday, September 27, 2012

1/144 Bristol Beaufort - Peters Planes

1/144 Bristol Beaufort -  Peters Planes
Featuring more of the Peters Planes range of model kits this week we have a couple more familiar marks and and unique items!

The Bristol Beaufort is the on one on 1/144 I can recall in either injection or resin garage kits, its yet another area that both the big companies and the gashapon makers have over looked to date.

The Bristol Beaufort is design that builds on the earlier Bristol Blenheim, the Beaufort was designed as a Torpedo bomber and was used extensively in the early war period in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operation and in general by RAF Coastal Command. It also had a significant role in the Pacific Theatre where it operated by the RAAF (Royal Australian Air force) and where interesting most of where also built under license there (like this kit!).

There are two Marks to choose from when ordering, a Mk.II or a Mk.VIII (see pictures). Also there is a choice of either vacform windows for all the glazing or solid resin plugs. The solid resin glazing  will require painting and the vacform glazing will require cutting and trimming and glueing (along with detailing these areas as desired). The kit also comes with two White metal props.

The Mk.VIII has fully enclosed undercarriage wheels when retracted as compared to the partially exposed ones on the Mk.II and so has different engine nacelles and undercarriage doors. The tail of the Mk.VIII is also enlarged

NEW price for a basic plane for wargaming purposes. Comes with solid resin glazing (NO vacform canopies), NO undercarriage (doors in closed position),  NO props but does still come with your choice of decals for A$15. (The versions shown here is the "Gold Kit"**)

See the Peters Planes website (Home) for details, and also the Peters Planes Beaufort (Page) for more info and contact details. (**please note: the YAGI Radio aerials are not included in this kit)

Kit Mastered by Kampfflieger

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rkmasu said...

I build the Beaufort , Do-17,Arado, they are easy to build.. the first spit and both Beaufighter are incredible ...
to get a better finish I sand all kit surface with soft nail polisher sand(is similar to Squadron sponge sand).. so clean..and prepare to apply the primer I use Mr.surfacer 1000 .. if you think the panel lines to big maybe use a surfacer 500 ..sand or apply surfacer 1000..
I used gunze lacquer paint.. the pics of my kits are in Peter´s page in photos section.