Saturday, September 01, 2012

TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners - RAF Museum

TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners - RAF Museum
For those of you wanting a piece of British Aviation History the RAF Museum is selling off some of surplus TSR-2 Titanium Rivet Fastners !

Surplus to the Museum’s accessioned collection, these TSR-2 titanium fasteners are genuine TSR-2 spares. 

These rivets have been made available to our customers in order to help raise funds for the Museum.
Pack of 10 fasteners (assorted sizes) - Only 5GBP (199 Pages / 28mb)

Maybe I should do what this person has done? put is in a $2 frame and print a foto and sell for stupid money!?

TSR-2 Background Reading:


Ant Sized Man said...

When i visted the RAF museum at Hendon they had a great big bucket of these to pick from. Was thinking ot modeling the pitroad TSR-2 and framing this model with these.

Kampfflieger said...

Congrats, great one!

bluedonkey99 said...


They area cool little piece of history & the dream!?

I tried to convince a woodworking friend to buy some and make some furniture with them, but he wasnt living the dream ;-)


Andy Carter said...

Does anyone know how there fasteners were secured. How were they stopped from turning to secure the nut/

Andy Carter said...

That should have said "these fasteners"

bluedonkey99 said...


Sorry no idea.

You might try enquiring directly with the museum?