Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/144 Starwars Collection Vol.6

1/144 Starwars Collection Vol.6
Its very disappointing issue this one. It appears from the text on the Platz site that this is a collection of popular items that are now hard t get hold of as some of them date back to 2008. While I appreciate the local; stores will not stock every release since Year Zero it seems odd that these items are not available from hobby suppliers Rakuten or Yahoo.JP?

Oh well, lets assume that F-Toys knows what it is doing........

As you can imagine I havent spent too much time preparing the images.

Available: 26 November 2012

Source: http://www.platz-hobby.com/products/3707.html

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rkmasu said...

F-toys want loose money?(or customers)
My last boxset buyed was wing kit 9
The 4 I passed far..(attack jets,lei matsumoto,select and now this star wars..well I also had skipped the previous star wars boxset..
I would love some Battlestar Galactica fighters ,macross units unreleased(that Awacs version,that one like A-6,or YF-19,Yf-21..)..
Back to real planes... still wish a Wing kit series with Tempest,Me-109G6,Fw-190A4 or A-5(short nose than A-8), russian fighters like Mig-3 or La-5...french D-520...
A Falklands/Malvinas with Mirage III EA, Sea Harrier/Harrier Gr.3,Super Etandart, A-4P/Q
F-84G,F-80,F-94,some 50´s jets...