Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/144 TsAGI A-12 autogyro

1/144 TsAGI A-12 autogyro
Another busy issuer of aircraft is the  Kampfflieger, who when not producing a fleet of WWI aircraft takes some time out to issue some of the more interesting and unusual designs. This time an autogiro, a mode of transport that once was the poster boy of the the 1930s modernist dream and science fiction icon for a modern transport system of the future. It featured in films of the era such as 'Metropolis' and 'Things to Come' and countless printed images.

Initially having a passing resemblance to the Ceirva C.30 this Russian design is an unrelated design that would look great next to your Anigrand Autogiros, or on your pulp gaming table!


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