Thursday, September 20, 2012

1/144 Dornier Do-17z Kits by Petersplanes

1/144 Dornier Do-17z Kits by Petersplanes

Peter has been busily beavering away on his excellent line of 1/144 aircraft originally seeking out opportunity for under represented seaplanes, the range has also been extended to cover aircraft flown by the RAF and in particular RAAF (Royal Australian Air force) and with the Do-17z marks a move into other under represented aircraft with one of the 'elephants in the room' being a lack of a Do-17 Kit.

Peters Planes can supply this model to you in two formats:

1) "WarGamer" - this is the simplest option available cast for those who require their models to be either robust or similar to build in this case a mere 9 pieces and to be shown stand mounted.

2) "Gold Series" - this is for those who prefer more of a challenge or wish to put the time and effort into a more complex build, often with a choice of marks or variants available with which to complete your kit. The Gold series as seen also come with other value added parts such as white metal props and the option of solid canopies (or, do be used for heat basing vac canopies) and two sets of vac form canopies (in case of trimming 'issues')

Both kits have been mastered using 3D CAD Software and a master produced to then undertake a more tradition casting process, a vacuum pump is used remove the trapped air from the mold to ensure that no bubbles are present in the final cast. I think that you can tell that this provides a nice degree of detailing on both formats of the kit as can bee seen from the photos above, and collective both options produce a very fine looking aircraft.

Peterplanes recommend 'Gator Glue' or similar PVA glue for the vac-form pieces with your favoured glue for the resin cast items (CA etc)

A set of decals are provided also.

The Peters Planes Homepage can be found [ here ], with the link to the Dornier Do-17z below:

Review Kit Supplied by Peters Planes

Do-17z Mastered by Kampfflieger


Anonymous said...

Its a very welcome subject. Although I would despair at the prospect of having to fill in all those overscale panel lines.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, no need to despair!
you could try Mr. surfacer 500 or 1000 to easily fill in or reduce the depth of the panel lines.