Sunday, September 02, 2012

1/144 M25 Tank Transport & Hanomag SS 100

1/144 M25 Tank Transport and  Hanomag SS 100
Srategist are reissuing thier M25 and Hanomag items this time with new jazzed up paint schemes in a limted edition issue. Released 1st September 2012, available via usual sources.

M25 Tank Transporter W.M. ( at War Museum in Overloon, Netherlands ) Limited 500pcs.
(KG144 Description)

2. HANOMAG SS 100 Ambush Camo Limited 1000pcs.
(KG144 Description)

All 1/144 products from Strategist

Available from Zetas ebay or Ruten shop

Further information is avilable from 


Anonymous said...

based on Matuo's old kit ?


bluedonkey99 said...


No, I think if you compare them you will see a number of differences especially in the degree of articulation and configurability of components.

Stragist items are developed from 3D CAD and produced professional under contract.

Matuo Kasten, had produced some excellent and exotic items but is more of an old school physical master and caster in the grand tradition of garage kit producers!