Friday, December 05, 2014

1/144 MIG-15 MIGs from The Alley - JBRDecals

1/144 MIG-15 MIGs from The Alley - JBRDecals

A great set of decal for MiG-15/MiG-15bis model kits such as produced by Eduard, containing very detailed full colour painting and decal placement guide.

This set specifically covers those aircraft used in the famous "Mig Valley" during the Korean War

Contains decals for the following aircraft:

MiG-15 811, Lt. V.I. Chizh 1st Sqn, 72nd GvIAP, Anshan - November 1950
MiG-15bis 325, Lt.Col. Y.G. Pepelyaev 196th IAP, Antung - June 1951
MiG-15bis 132, Capt. N.V. Sutyagin 17th IAP, Tatung-kao - June 1951
MiG-15bis 25, Zhao Baotong 3rd FAD
MiG-15bis 2249, Wang Hai 3rd FAD
MiG-15bis 08, Sun Shenlu 3rd FAD

MiG-15bis 2057, No Kum-sok Kimpo AFB - September 1953
MiG-15bis 616 (ex. 2057)USAF Okinawa - late 1953 (as flown by Chuck Yeager!)

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