Saturday, December 06, 2008

1/144 Altaya Series 2009+

1/144 Altaya Series 2009+
I think some of these may have slipped through this year, but most look to be slated for releases in the next year or so? Some very interesting items - especially for us Brits, and those who like wet feet (although, the Luftwaffe chaps will a little more money in their pockets?)

Item 32- Avro Manchester Mk. I UK (Great Britain)
Item 33- Dornier Do 24T Germany
Item 34- Nakajima Ki49-II Koh Donryu Japan
Item 35- Short Sunderland Mk. III UK (Great Britain)
Item 36- Tupolev TB-3 USSR
Item 37- Handley Page Hampden UK (Great Britain)
Item 38- Glenn Martin 167 Maryland France
Item 39- Armstrong Whitworth A.W. 38 Whitley UK
Item 40- Potez 540 France
Item 41- Boeing B-17C USA
Item 43- Mitsubishi G3M Type 96 Japan
Item 44- Bloch 210 France
Item 45- Cant Z.506 B Italy
Item 46- Consolidated PB2Y Coronado USA I
Item 47- Kawanishi H6K4 Mavis Japan
Item 48- Douglas A-26/B-26 Invader USA
Item 49- Heinkel He.115 Germany
Item 50- Tupolev SB-2 USSR


Brian said...

Hi, The Boeing B17C is due out in two weeks, the Potez arrived on Thursday, I live in France and the local Presse is my second home. brian

Brian said...

There was a Me323 Gigant on the original list, unfortunately Altaya decided against,
The new biplane series is being released in Portugal at the moment and will no doubt appear in Spain next and possibly soon after in France, Altaya must have shares in the Spanish ebay power sellers. The F100 Super Sabre listed on ebay is a mystery, the same aircraft was on a questionnaire sent to me last year by Altaya, but as always they are being cagey, brian

bluedonkey99 said...

It is shame if they have dropped the Me323!

i dont know the isting for the sabre? do you have number for it!?

I know there are some american seller who are mistaking the the Arado 234C as a 1/144 when all the Euro Atalya dealers are sayng its 1/72

Brian said...

Hi BD, Interesting site.
I was looking forward to the Gigant, fascinating 3 He111s to tow the glider version, I have a video tape with it on, but as the BV 222 fills my largest box I would probably have had to crop the wings.
The F100 is bugging me an ebay seller has that and a Spad listed, both of which were on a questionnaire in the same markings Altaya sent to me last year proposing a new 1/72nd fixed wing series (which may have included an Arado)and a 1/72nd helicopter series, I have pictures but cannot see how to attach them.
The Altaya Arado was 1/72nd in green with a V1, I had two with my subscriptions the 1/144th I believe was issued by Atlas.
If you are interested I have managed to obtain a list of the Altaya Panzers to No 39
Regards brian