Tuesday, December 23, 2008

F-Toys - Early Jets!

F-Toys - Early Jets!
Mehusla at 1-144 Direct has sent me some examples of his latest photographs featuring the f-Toys 1-144 Jets.


smeg1959 said...

Excellent model photos (as usual) from Matt. They make great PC wallpapers that garner a lot of favourable comment! ;-)

Incidentally, is it just me or are recent F-Toys items going for significantly higher prices on evilBay than with any previous series? I mean, the standard - NOT the "secret" - release Typhoons going for in excess of $US10? The basic Meteor and He162/V1 pairing going for big bucks?

Badger commented on this a few weeks back, but I think it's got more extreme. One point is that there doesn't seem to be the number being offered on evilBay as in the past, suggesting Japanese and Hong Kong traders are playing the game very shrewdly.

Badger, certainly makes the box of 10 from HLJ at 4000 yen good value, particularly if you pick up a "secret" item or two in the process.

bluedonkey99 said...

u are correct there do not seem to be as many of some of these items around. especially such as the Typhoon! The early jets seem a bit more abundant!

the cost does change in line with exchange rates. the drop in value has seen the rise relative rise in prices!

my early jets cost me 50% more than usual due to currency rates!

i even get it in Europe, the EURO being quite strong has just hiked the price of the IXO ALtaya planes! unless there is a conspiracy!??

smeg1959 said...

Regarding exchange rates, I looked at prices in US dollars from 2007 and 2008, as the rate between the US dollar and the yen has not varied greatly over the last 12 months compared to other currency combos.

If I'd used Aussie dollars, I would have been talking about F-Toys releases literally tripling in price on evilBay ... scary, isn't it?!

I know where you are coming from re: the euro. Our exchange rate has climbed from $AUS1.64 to $AUS2.07 to the euro. In contrast, after hitting a high of $AUS2.52 to the pound around 6 weeks ago, the pound is now around $AUS2.15, actually CHEAPER than 12 months ago. Go figure ...

The real concern we have Down Under is that the value of our dollar is being predicted to fall from its current $US0.68 to under 50 US cents sometime in 2009. At that point, we Aussies will be appealing for Red Cross parcels from the States, Europe or Japan containing a selection of latest 1/144 releases! ;-)