Tuesday, December 30, 2008

300,000 Hits!! & Happy New Year!

300,000 Hits!!
& Happy New Year
Today we hit a new milestone just in time for the New Year 2009!
My first post was way back in January 2nd, 2006
Thank you all for coming, if you didnt come to look there wouldnt be much point doing this!
Hopefully we can continue into 2009 and beyond looking for new 1/144 items?
Maybe someone comes up with a decent set of Armour, else its onwards and upwards with the aircraft....
Happy New Year!
Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.
Minasama no gokenkou o oinori moushiagemasu.


pbhawkin said...

thats 100,000 a year.
I had a look at your stats and the breakdown is very interesting (I must swap my counter for the one you have).
US by far and then Japan.
'unknown' is obviously a glitch as clicking on some of the individual entries detail which country those hits are from.
Anyway, a good trend with increasing visits as each quarter goes by.
well done as the number 1 1/144 site.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe someone comes up with a decent set of Armour"

Amen to that, Brother!

P.S. Finally found a small quantity of the new trucks/halftracks from New Millenium toys at the local (Pittsburgh) Walmart. Things are looking up.

BigReg said...

Well done!
I check in every day.



smeg1959 said...

I'll definitely join in here and say well done, Martin! It shows the interest in the scale, something companies like Anigrand and F-toys have noted to their advantage. Like David, I am also a daily visitor ... as if you didn't know! :-)

We can only hope 2009 brings more in the way of the variety of items that appeared during 2008. We definitely need a boost in AFVs and NOT more Tigers or Panthers - Takara and Dragon have already covered those very nicely.

Having to watch those Fairy resin kits of things like Matildas, Valentines, Opel Blitzes, etc. go for huge dollars on evilBay is frustrating for all bar the vendor.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year my friend~
I am Yen Hwa(Taiwan)
I wish your site will get 3000000 hits in 2009.