Monday, December 22, 2008

1/144 AVRO 730 by Fantastic Plastic

1/144 AVRO 730 by Fantastic Plastic (2nd Edition)
The Avro 730 was designed to be a high-altitude supersonic (Mach 2) nuclear bomber and strategic reconnaissance aircraft.
The project was cancelled as a result of the 1957 Defence White Paper due to spiralling costs and a decision to base Britain's nuclear deterrence on missiles rather than bombers
At last! the new enhanced 2nd Edition of this great kit has just been released!
Now, it has extra features such as landing gear, cockpit and more componants!
Available: December 2008


badger said...

The last kit I purchased from Fantastic Plastic was the atomic-powered bomber, and boy was it a disappointment. I think it cost $75USD at the time, and while you get a lot of resin, it was incredibly crude. You'll need to spend at least a few days cleaning up the wings, filling in edges and holes, and sanding the surface. Tail pieces seemed too thick and rather "meaty" in the middle. Everything just had to be sanded and cleaned up. The kit just feels like a lump of hardened clay, with a complete absence of any cripsness or realistic definition.

Eventually I just put it all back in the box and in the closet with the rest of the nightmare kits. Companies like Anigrand, FeResin, and now Minwingz just make much beter resin kits and have spoiled me I guess.

Let's hope that Fantastic Plastic has improved their casting. They do release a wide variety of aircraft types, which is always nice, even if they lack in quality. Now only if they dropped their prices in half, they'd be worth looking into again.

bluedonkey99 said...

I think the trick with most resin producers is to get them whilst there fresh?

With anigrand, if ordered out of the starting blocks I have found them to be sharp, crisp and well fitted.

however i recently bought an end of line -1 and it was a bit poor, obviously the mould had seen betters days?

on that note, i am going to have place that miniwings order real soon!