Saturday, December 20, 2008

1/144 Professional Models and Kits by George Turner

1/144 Professional Models and Kits by George Turner
This guy is incredable... possibly he has had the best job ever!?
Model maker to Matchbox, Lledo, Corgi and many more!
No provides 1/144 "Pro-Built" models (Pricey)
Professional 1/144 "Kits" (not bad price , compared to Anigrand or CMK)
mixed Media Resin and Metal parts, Clear canopies!
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smeg1959 said...

Some really nice stuff on George's website.

Since Anigrand insist on selling you a Globemaster with theirs(!), I'd like to see the Vampire as a kit. I'd love to get his finished version but, unfortunately, 30 quid translates badly into Aussie dollars when the missus is checking your outgoings! :-(

bluedonkey99 said...

makes yo wonder...

...if the AU$, US$, GBP and Yen are down... is it just the Euro that is up?

30 is a bit steep for a (very) small resin, however if it was luft46 it would easily sell on ebay for that!?