Saturday, December 27, 2008

1/144 Cafe Reo J-Wings 4 "Navy & Marine Freaks"

1/144 Cafe Reo J-Wings 4 "Navy & Marine Freaks" ====================================
after many delays these are available : Now!

see here for details of the
Super Hornets, Hornets, Skyhawks, Harriers and Vikings.

this guy is running a series of posts on how to convert these to 'proper' naval set-up!
be warned it involved a saw and chopping your new shiney models into bits...
not for the squeamish!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.bluedonkey99
This is Chippy wiriting, the auther of
cut the wing is not so difficult.
Hope eveyone enjoy this neval model.
I just white one another articul about Harrier. I hope you enjoy,too.

bluedonkey99 said...

Hello Chippy!

Please keep the good work going, I look forward to the article on the Harrier.

Please come again!