Saturday, December 05, 2009

2010 1/144 Release News

2010 1/144 Release News

There look to be a couple of interesting releases coming up in 2010

The Captian Nemo Nautilus (Disney style, varient) as per Jules Verne Novel

War of the World Tripods (Spielberg style?)

Obvioulsy both are interesting in their own right, but also give the "What if" guys something to think about!?

see some 2010 release news at the excellent Model Stories >> News 2010 << >> Website <<

Pegasus hobbies 2009 Releases >>here<<

if you cant wait for the Nautlilus, Disney provide a paper model that you could scale down ?

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smeg1959 said...

Pegasus had previously issued a 1/144 kit featuring two of the Martian "war machines" attacking what appears to be a Sherman tank, based on the 1953 George Pal version of "War of the Worlds" (an old fave of mine). It will be interesting to see the Speilberg version in the same scale.