Saturday, December 05, 2009

1-144 A-9/A-4b Service Tower (Luft'46)

1-144 A-9/A-4bService Tower (Luft'46)
Designed for use with Takara 1/144 WOTL Series Specials.

Original design service platform for Takara A-9/A-4b, this has been produced using the Shapeway 3D modeling service and so is unpainted (Pzkpw IV not included)

For info, the Pzkpw IV was (palnned to be) used inconjunction with hydraulic jacks to raise and lower the tower. the Pzkpw IV would then be used for moving it short distances and the tower could then be fined tuned with the in built wheels.

The A-9/A-4b Service Tower will be available on CGD ebay site:

the 1/144 A-9 and A-4b Takara models can be found at 1-144 Direct ebay site:

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