Monday, December 28, 2009

1-144 Boeing BWB (Blended Wing Bomber) @ Fantastic Plastic

Time to start counting all that Christmas money!

This is just the first of a series of interesting releases by Fantastic Plastic in 1/144 in the coming year. It must be said that between Anigrand and Fantastic Plastic there will be a few tough choices to make in the year ahead.

This next release from Fantastic Plastic is the Boeing Blended Wing Bomber Concept, championed as potential replacement for the B-2.

This is kit also allows for some "What if...?" potential from the ubiquitous Luft'46 through more Pan-Am Airliners , or Fed-Ex / DHL Freighters of the future?

This is going to be a big kit 45cm m and only 7 parts....
"wheels up" but with stand.
3x Decal Schemes (by JBOT)

I think this will make it accessible those amongst us who despair at the brain surgery techniques required on some of kits today!?

Available : Now (December 2009) - Short run initial batch of 25 so act quickly!
Price: $75 USD + ( $ Shipping Extra cost)

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