Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1/144 Babylon 5 and other Sci-Fi

Green Dragon has posted the following information on some 1/144 kit commissions from Fantastic Plastic , although dont expect them too early in the year!?

Alfred Wong has done the masters of a new 1/144th scale range of Babylon 5 kits for Fantastic Plastic. Kits so far are the Thunderbolt class Star Fury, Minbari Nial Class, Narn Frazi Class and Zephyr 109 (AKA the Raider triangular fighter).

Some other kits are also available from Fantastic Plastic: January 2010

some older works Fantastic Plastic: Alien Dropship Star Trek "phoenix"

interestingly.... is this the new martian war machine master for Pegasus Hobbies?

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