Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1/144 EE B-57A/RB-57A "Canberra" USAF (upd!)

1/144 EE B-57A/RB-57A + RBN-57 C "Canberra" USAF
Amodel are continuing to produce more Canberra varients.......
Don't forget to check the OZ-MODS RB-57 and conversion packs?
See here for some interesting USAF Photos including Tac-Recon schemas!
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badger said...

The canopies actually do look correct, at least from what I can tell. I haven't purchased these yet, but if they ever come out with a B-57F, I'll have to get on it quickly. It's wishful thinking, since the one thing they didn't make modular in their mold was the wings. I doubt we'll get either the D variant with long wings, or the F variant with even longer wings. I never thought I'd say this, but now there's too many Canberra kits to fit in my budget!

Bruce said...

I'd suspect the RB-57A is exactly the same plastic as the earlier B2/B20 kit with new decals. Apart from the already noted issues (wrong bomb bay, no airbrakes etc) it should be reasonably accurate.

The B-57 B/C looks ok too. This time the inaccuracies of the original kit will work in its favour, probably making this the most accurate of the A-Model Canberra variants :-)

Anonymous said...


you are correct, sloppy work on my part.

I wrote the text for the "A" series thinking it should be look like the "B" or "C" , and then found the image for the "B" + "C" and forgot to change the text.

the modular section approach *could* work, the new longer winged verisons would jus need a new centre secton?

admittedly constucting the kit so the wings could be changed might have been a better option, but maybe there is some logic o be revealed in thier thinking?


Anonymous said...

...and yes, soon we will have more Canberra from Amodel than Zeros from Sweet!

smeg1959 said...

Someone needs to inform Amodel about the paucity of 1/144 scale Spitfires. If they got on a roll like they have with the Canberra, we'd end up with every Spitty variant ever made! ;-)