Sunday, September 13, 2009

1/144 Lancaster B.III "Dambusters" 617 Sqdn RAF - AModel

1/144 Lancaster B.III "Dambusters" 617 Sqdn RAF - by AModel
Following up on my pervious posting, we now have a box art shot for the new Lancaster release!
This iconic bomber on a mission that has become part of the Brtisih Psyche along side the Battle of Britain, there would be a time when all school boys knew of The Dambusters raids, Guy Gibson and the likes of Barnes Wallis!
All that is now needed is the 'Tall-boy' Bomb carrying versions, of the sink the Tirpitz fame (with mabe the option of a grandslam verison)
Available: Preorder (Sept/Oct)
Price @15GBP

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Anonymous said...

What we really need now is the promised Lincoln!!!