Wednesday, September 02, 2009

1/144 "Modern Jets" - F-Toys Workshop Series ?

1/144 "Modern Jets" - F-Toys Workshop Series ?
F-Toys blog is hinting at a new series for next year!?
I would imagine that this will be a series of modern jets around the world?
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rkmasu said...

In my dreams I had a vision of a Revell Ag Eurofighter kit(as their superb Rafale kit)it was a natural candidate..but Revell is sleeping..
So F-toys bring us a new Eurofighter...
I think they will came with other candidates of JSDF future fighter.. the F-22(jp wants) and F-35C(US offers) ..maybe a Mig35..?

LVK said...

Yes! There's a gap to fill here.
F-toys, please consider:
Gripen D
F-15E/K (cafereo's was bad)

rkmasu said...

..I forgot the Gripen so the new Gripen NG ...maybe for the F-15..that one with new tails...F-15SE silent eagle..

Badger said...

We'll probably get a Mig-29, A-4 (since Platz is about to relesae the A4M unpainted kit), Alpha Jet or a Kfir C-2. If by "modern jet", they mean the same as they did with "Heavy Bomber" or "Early Jet", then we'll end up with 2 or 3 80's & 90's jets while the rest are all from the 70's.

Still, there's plenty of room for them to fill some serious gaps here. Waiting to see where this goes!

Anonymous said...

Well in terms of kits, Trumpeter has released a very nice 1/144 kit of the Raptor (itself a re-release of a freebie model with the Denkgeki Hobby magazine.

Pitroad has now released kits of the F-35A and F-35B in their production format not the old Revell prototype. An F-35C for the US Navy is on the way next year.

I would definitely like to see a production version of the Typhoon whether in kit form or pre-finished. And a finished Raptor as well - the old Dousha model was very basic.

As for other designs? How about the Russian concept Pak-FA? The only one I know of at present is the Anigrand model.

How about a Chinese Chengdu J-10 (the resin from Triple Nuts is nice but way out of my price range when it shows on EBay. Or the speculative J-13 - the one that looks like a mix of the YF-23 and the Russian Mig 1.44 Flatpack.

To be honest what I would really like to see one day is a set of fictional aircraft such as the Mig 31 Firefox, the F-37 Talon from "Stealth" and maybe the X-02 Wyvern from Ace Combat....


Anonymous said...

The Pitroad F-35 kits are snap togethers and pretty clunky, and the Trumpeter F-22 is one of their semi-amature ones too, so crisp well molded versions of either would be welcome, though I doubt we'll get that from F-Toys :-)

A decent Grippen and Typhoon would be welcome, as would an accurate Mig-29. One of the new Chinese indigenous designs would be cool, and while not all that modern the Ching-Kuo would be cool....though I guess Chinese companies might not be allowed to make that one. A proper Mig-31 would also be cool (or a Mig-25 for that matter). I'd really love to see an SU-24 but I doubt that'll happen.