Saturday, July 31, 2010

1/144 Missiles and Pilots - By OzMods

OzMods have been for a while been producing a range of interesting munitions options in 1/144, and it always surprises me when people complain that there are not enough of "Type X , or Type Y" munitions. It always strikes me that OzMods have options to suit most aircraft from WWII to the Modern times.

There are over 80x different items in their list from $1.50 !

The Allied & Russian Pilot sets come with 2x figures in each, the generic set has seated figures.

The weapons packs vary as to the number of munitions in each set but typically come in 2x or 4x packs.

For their size, I think the figures are well done, one primed and painted the detailing will leap out (I will include HD shots below), although the generic figures are a little blander. I don't this this should be a huge issues as are meant to be sat inside cockpits, the standing figures which are for showing externally to the aircraft in dioramas etc are therefore much more detailed.

The weapons are well formed and surprisingly detailed, these should again be more evident when painted and washes applied or lines filled.

As these are resin accessories, there is a little flash here and there that needs to be trimmed also you get the occasional dink or glitch.

HD Images:
Pilots: 01 02 03 04 05
USA Weapons: 01 02 03 04
Russian Weapons: 01 02


Werwulf said...

Where are you getting set's of ten from? The Ozmods site only seems to has sets of two in thier pack. Also what pack are the Russians from as there are no WWII Russians listed. The only Russians on the site that I found are modern long range pilots. As for size comparison, I have found the modern generic pilots are smaller than thier WW II companions.

bluedonkey99 said...


Well spotted regarding the pilots, it appears I got a few bonus items thrown in.

I'll update the main post text when I get home later tonight.

The information on the weapons is correct,

Apologies, hopefully I get it right more times than I get it wrong!