Saturday, September 25, 2010

1/144 88mm Flak Zugkraftwagen (FAMO)

The October 2010 Release by Panzer Depot: The German 88mm Flak 37 auf ZgKw 18t
or under its official titile "8.8cm Flak 37 Selbstfahrlafette auf 18 ton Zugkraftwagen", based upon a FAMO SDKFZ 9 with added armour and 88mm AA Gun.

Generally a nice looking rendition, some minor faults, and the 88mm looks slightly out of proportion as the photos give the appearance of a more slender barrel.

It would appear to be another triumph of (brute) syle over function, as only a small number were produced and all were issued to a single unit in Italy

More info: Kfz de Wehrmacht

Available: now
Options: in two styles, and two colour schemes.
Cost: Yellow/Dunkelgelb $18.80 or Camo $19.90

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