Saturday, September 25, 2010

1/144 T-4 from Doyusha (Again!!!)

So, is the T-4 the new Zero?

This year from Doyusha we have had
1) Blue Impulse T-4 (Regular 2010) Modern Fighter Collection N.13
2) Blue Impulse T-4 (50th Year JASDF) Modern Fighter Collection No.15

and now plans for....
Modern Fighter Collection No.16 (F-15J, F-4E Kai, T-4)
Modern Fighter Collection No.17 ( F-2 A/B)

Is it me or is there alarming repetition?
Taking into account the Algernon J-Wings 5 , GigaPro T-4, & F-Toys (F-2), Series there are alot of these types + F/A-18 around.

Source: Badger & 1999


John Haverstock said...

I really like their F-4EJs, I wonder what it would take the get them to make a new nose and or tail piece to make other flavors of F-4?
John H.

bluedonkey99 said...

it would appear that Hell woudl need to freez over before they introduce any new moulds.....?

sorry, just a bit bored of these jets. I know others get equally frustrated with certian WWII releases.