Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1/144 C-5A Galaxy By Anigrand

It would appear that Anigrand are preparing a wallet busting bank breaking kit to end all kits?

Price: Extral Large!
Avialable : November 2010 (estimate)

The only think to top this kit would be the Antonov An-225 Mriya



Russ said...

Folks, double check my eyes on this one. It looks like the wing sweep on that prototype Galaxy in the article photo is too little. It looks like another 5 or 8 degrees should be there at least. What say you?

Russ said...

Looks like same situation for the tail planes/elevators.

Wonder what the bonus birds will be and will they fit inside...

Anonymous said...


If it's the production version you could well be right they don't look to have the same angle / sweep as some of the photos out there.

But, not an item I am particulary familiar with

TonyG2 said...

All things being equal is this any better than the old Otaki/Entex kit?

I generally find the larger the resin kit, the more problems I have with it and the more it costs/

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wrote to you about Zvezda 1/144 Il-2 some time ago. Now my friend make article in Livejournal some about other Zvezda 1/144 kits. This sell like addition of "Velikie Pobedi" (Great Glory's) magazine. Probably it's your theme:

Kind regards, Etendard.

bluedonkey99 said...


Thank you for the information regarding your friend review of the "Great Glory" magazines. It is most interesting.

I will try and contact you directly.


Russ said...

TonyG2, I'll bet this could be a better build than the Otaki/Entex/Revell C5A because it could have some dedicated aftermarket stuff for the interior, so it could rival the details level of C-130's or the C-17 with its interior sleeve. But that will be some serious Photoetch frets and money. The old injection molded Galaxy was just a big kit, not much more parts than a small kit, I built one of the Otaki's. Tell you what, though, I wonder what a resin C-5 will weigh? I'll imagine that it could be too much for resin undercarriage and the need for metal parts may be there. If they try and keep the weight down by casting thin parts, then they have all kinds of warping and fit issues, which has sworn me off of Miniwing kits of larger subjects.