Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1/144 Fighter Collection No.16 - Doyusha

Modern Fighter Collection No.16 (F-15J, F-4E Kai, T-4)

Available: 25 October 2010

Source: http://ameblo.jp/niitakayama/


John Haverstock said...

Oh, boy!!! More Japanese F-4s! maybe they will do something we really need next, like more F-18s! (said in sarcasm) Oh will, I will probably still get them anyway.

Russ said...

Well, at least they aren't making Japanese Stuka's, John. :-D

You do have to put yourself in the shoes of that company and thier prime audience. That being said, there are some JASDF planes that could use more even coverage. We would certainly like a collectors kit of the Shin Meiwa PS-1's. And since the collectors kit makers did the Emily, size really isn't a barrier. And there are some JASDF F-104's that could be Gashapon'ed.

bluedonkey99 said...


it must be said, the F-104s and Sabres havent had much of a look in recently!

John Haverstock said...

Okay, so I'm a whiner. ;-)
I'm all about more F-104s. But again, they shouldn't limit themselves to JASDF planes. A PS-1 would be great. And we could really use some non Japanese Phantoms and F-15s.

bluedonkey99 said...


As I, Russ and many others have indicated or acknowledged..

I think we have to live with teh fact teh amin driving force for these kits is the domestic market and JASDF (obviously) is where the money is?

Converesly, most of the other manufacturers sell into US market and therefore 9/10 items are US aircraft - obviosuly it helps the US Armed Forces are more likely to paint thier aircraft in nice fancy color schemese which is more conducive to eye catching models than the dreaded death by grey



John Haverstock said...

Actually, I think the Germans have the market cornered on eye catching paint jobs on F-4s and F-104s.

Im not lobbying for USAF paint schemes, just something other than Japanese. Egyptian, Greek, Turkey, Iranian, S.Knrean, Australian, just something different. More than that though, something other than F-4EJ. Doyusha could easily produce a short nose phantom using the EJ kit as a starting point by just developing a few new pieces.

bluedonkey99 said...

Maybe we got a nit out of synch.
Indeed lots of ineresting aircraft and schemes around the world,
It's just that the Japanese get jaded, Americans (and therefore, the rest if us) get a lot of US in Market.
And unsurprisingly revell.de do a fair amount of german kits, even if not the real exciting options.

Fir fancy german F-4s you could try Peddinghaus decals or Ha.Hen ?

Happy hunting

badger said...

The good news is that Algernon is going to release a proper RF-4 soon and they're sure to be better than anything Doyusha & F-Toys will release. We can finally paint these in the colorful Spanish & German schemes.

The best part is that they'll be around for years at very low prices.

The bad news is that this set will come loaded with more F-15s & T-4s, which we're all tired of seeing.

And I'm totally in favor of more 104s! They're small, sexy and can be painted hundredfold without running out of interesting schemes. Keep'em coming!