Monday, September 20, 2010

1/144 Bachem Ba-349A "Natter" by Foxone

Another fantastic kit in the wings from Foxone. A last gasp defence Rocket Plane with a nasty sting, designed as a 'point defence' to counter the allied bombing of strategic targets such as cities and factories. Many respect just a form on manned Surface to Air Missile to disrupt the Allied bomber wings. Like many German 'Super' weapon, a dismal failure.

This kit like many of the Foxone kits should be a highly detailed and interesting build and comes with a launch tower.

Whilst, not an official V-weapon, it will of course grace many collections that feature unusual German curiosities!

Price: tbc
Availability: tbc

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badger said...

It's amazing what these guys are doing. Here I am trying to carve a piece of styrene to scratch-build a fuselage for an EMB-314, and they're about a decade or two ahead of us with CAD and 3D printing. And their talent doesn't stop there. I put their casts right up there with the best of them (Miniwing & Anigrand). And we all know how well they build the kits as well.

Truly inspiring.