Saturday, September 18, 2010

1/144 "Velikie Pobedi" (Great Glory's) Kits

In August I featured a new Russian based magazine and kit series (here), since then I have received further information on the magazine : "Velikie Pobedi" (Great Glory's) It would appear to come with 1/72 figures and 1/144 Aircrat and 1/144 Tanks. Via the Tancist website there are more images and comparisons available.

Items features are T-34, IL-2 and a JU-87 and are accompanied by a Magazine

As stated, and as you can see the kits cover the main subjects of the 'Great Patriotic War' and therefore the target audience should relate to them with ease. The Tank kits dont look too bad, although the Ju-87 is a bit basic in some areas and doest not stack up against the the still imperious original cando or the recent issues this year.

Thamks to Etendard for providing me with the links

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