Tuesday, September 07, 2010

1/144 Wings of War - Series 4 (By Nexus)

Finally, 1/144 WWI Wings of War - Series 4 (By Nexus) are being distributed in Europe & USA.

USA Pricing at FantasyFlight Games is $12.95 - $15.95, which is a little expensive for the collector, in part due to the fact these also come with gaming flightstands and card packs....

European Prices... tbc
(Also, this time UK items are meant to be shipped via Europe, not reimported from USA where FFG has the Global License for the English Language versions (this should have a beneficial impact on pricing?))

RAF. S.E.5a, William Avery Bishop
RAF S.E.5a, Roderic Stanley Dallas
RAF S.E.5a, Joseph E.Boudwin

Pfalz D.III, Fritz Höhn
Pfalz D.III, Hans Klein
Pfalz D.III, Max Holtzem

Breguet BR.XIV B2, Hubert De Greffier / Auguste Marseille
Breguet BR.XIV B2, Georges T. Grebil / Edmond C. Carron
Breguet BR.XIV B2, Browing & Duke

Rumpler C.IV C., MFFA
Rumpler C.IV C., 8267/17
Rumpler C.IV C., 8012/17


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