Saturday, March 05, 2011

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 by Eastern Express

1/144 Lisunov Li-2 by Eastern Express
I stumbled across this kit whilst investigating the IL-12 release from A-Model.
I knew that some of the Il-2 kits below had been released, but had not encountered the kit(s) from Eastern Express.

These kits do not seem to readily available at the moment, i could only find
Avia press and that had them online, however other suppliers such as e-models and Hannants stock the remainder of the Eastern Express Range, so maybe these are new?

The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84 (NATO reporting name: Cab), was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by the GAZ-84 works near Moscow, and subsequently at GAZ-34 in Tashkent

Avialble: Now (limited outlets)
Price: @ 28 USD / 17Euro

Welsh Models
Are planning to release a Lisunov Li - 2 (Dakota) in USSR Polar unit livery (others may follow?)

There has been indication that a Li-2 maybe produced as part of the "Art of Tactic" war game system currently being manufactured by Zvezda.

CMR Resin (Czechmaster Resin)
Also, released some Li-2s in 2007, these sometimes do appear on ebay, or can be traded on Airliner Modling forums. Interestingly the website shows these as 'Future' so maybe they are planned for reissue 'some time'
MM11 Lisunov Li-2 'Civil versions'
MM12 Lisunov Li-2 'Military versions'


Bruce said...

You sure the CMR Li2's ever got released? I've looked for these for a long time and never spotted one. Even Modelimex show them as a future release still.

Interesting Hannants have no wind of the Eastern Express ones.

bluedonkey99 said...


TO be honest no...

Maybe, I confused them with teh DC-2 releases?


Anonymous said...

Over at the Yahoo Airliner group it was posted that these new IL-2 kits is a re-worked Minicraft DC-3/C-47 kit

BTW how do I join the forum? over the year I've tried twice now & no go,

bluedonkey99 said...


Try agaim, I have in the last few weeks revamped the registration proces to overcome the amount of Spame registratiosn (100+ a day!)

I now seem to have settled down, if you reapply you should be processed quiclkly and and receive a notification.

apologies for the problems, but the spammers had been over whelming!