Saturday, March 05, 2011

1/144 A-Model - Ilyushin IL-12 NATO code 'Coach'

The Ilyushin Il-12 (NATO reporting name "Coach") was a Soviet twin-engined cargo aircraft, developed in the mid-1940s for Aeroflot, and first flew in 1945. It was designed to replace the Lisunov Li-2 which was a license built version on the DC-3!

This aircraft ultimately saw service with the Soviet and Chinese Military, including a range of Eastern European Airlines. I expect that this should provide a range of after market decal options not too far in the future?

A-Model are to release two versions;
Il-12 : Twin-engined passenger, cargo transport aircraft, which could carry between 18 - 21 passengers

Il-12D : Twin-engined military transport aircraft for the Soviet Airforce, which could carry upto 32 paratroops/soldiers

Il-12T : Twin-engined military transport aircraft for the Soviet Airforce, that interestingly had a dorsal Gun Turret for defensive purposes (this one looks the most interesting to me!?)

Available: Coming Soon?
Price: tbc?

The IL-14 update to the IL-12 is avialable in resin kit form from F-RSIN kits, and is
available in two options, a) Eastern Germanys 'Interflug', and b) Hungarys 'Malev':

Available: Now
Price: 41 Euro

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