Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1/144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.7

1/144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.7

The series subtitles on various Japanese websites is confusing labeled as "WWII German and US Fighters" or "European Theatre" - although the line-up and marking don't quite tie-up.

Still, it is should be much a welcomed series; with an all new 1/144 P-39 Air Cobra, a new 1/144 mold of the P-40 last seen in the early Bandai wing Club release, and an 'old favorite' The Bf-109 in E-4 guise.
  • P-39 Air Cobra
  • P-40E Warhawk
  • Bf109E-4
There is a range of German, Romanian, US and British markings.

The P-40E Flying Tigers will please many buyers as these guys have a legendary status in the flying world.

The P-39 should be a pleaser, as it has not really seen the light of day since the early days of that Revel kit! I think its a cool shape, and most of all that RAF cam scheme looks very nice indeed!

The bf-109s are for the most part 'ticks in boxes' there is a desert and an Early War/Battle of Britain Scheme, and a Romanian scheme - luckily the aircraft numbering does not clash with the forth coming Tomytec Gimix Bf-109 series numbering for Romanian aircraft in that series!

I would expect the usual Item and Series colour specials!

Available: May 2011
Price: 473 Yen per Item


rkmasu.. said...

GOOD...Wing Kit Collection !!!
A boxset to buy!!
Filling the gaps in our collection.
For decal makers...Russian P-39 are essencial
P-40s...wow...many many versions..

Now we could expect more and more Wing kit Collection boxes..

Tempest,Mig-3(that winter white plane with red arrow )and Fw-190A3/A4 ,Me-109G6 or A5M Claude could be a good next box..

Unknown said...

Wow, and series 6 isn't even out yet! This is great! I'm particularly digging the P40E and the P39, the 109, not so much. Although they might be cheaper alternatives to the Tomytec re-release of the WOTL series.

I have to admit, I liked the Sky Captain movie and now I can finally build his plane with the P40E :-D.

zap123 said...

P-40E at last! Lets hope Myk get behind this one with about 40 different P-40 and P-39 possibilities!

John Haverstock said...

Looks to be a popular release. Very exciting indeed!

Ryan B. said...

Yay! Yay! I've been waiting a looong time for the P-39. And I agree with Marvin and rkmasu, we need decals for the Pacific war P-400s and P-39Ds, (I will not count exhaust stacks. I will not count exhaust stacks. I will not....) as well as the interesting Soviet versions. Also pleased about the P-40E, though I would have been more pleased with the Tomahawk version.
Now maybe I can chuck my butchered Arii P-63s.

zap123 said...

Bandai already did a P-40B, and a cracker it is too. We really needed the P-40E as it was arguably the most important version, as it bore the brunt of fighting in North Africa and the early Pacific war.

Warbird Kid said...

This set as well as the previous which hasn't even come yet is a very welcome sight. They could have done a complete set of the F4U-4, P-40, and P-39 by themselves! But yea I do wish somebody would come out with a long nose early version p-40b.

Ryan B. said...

Zap, I knew about the Bandai P-40C, I could just never get my hands on one! The Revell P-40E has some serious fit issues, but it looks like a P-40E -- certainly more so than the Johnny Lightning offerings. And it's a short distance to modify them to early -K or even early short-fuselage -F versions.

pgwheel said...

1 P-40E markings are for the flying tigers after they were absorbed by the 14th AF;2 is for
P-40E in the Aleutian Islands. this plane was piloted by Jack Chennault the son of Claire Chennault;they were nicknamed the Aleutian Tigers; 3 is RAF 112 Squadron;the P-39Q 1 was piloted by Future MOH winner William Shomo who shot down 7 Japanese planes in one day flying a P-51; 2 belongs to the Italian airforce that fought with the allies after 1943; 3 is RAF 601 Squadron the only British Squadron to fly P-39
the 109 are marked for JG-27 and the third for Romania's 7th Fighter Group

pgwheel said...

I have done research on markings displayed Me-109 1 & 2 are from JG-27;#3 Is 7th Fighter Group Romanian Air Force;P-40 1 is The Flying Tigers after they were absorbed in to the 23rd Fighter Group, 14th AF;#2 Is an aircraft flown by Jack Chennault son of Claire Chennault. They were called the Aleutian Tigers and were stationed in Alaska;#3 is RAF 112 Squadron;P-39Q #1 Was piloted by William Shomo who went on to earn the Medal of Honor when he shot down seven aircraft in one day while flying a P-51;#2 is marked in Italian Co-beligerent Air Force which joined the Allies in 1943;#3 is marked in RAF 601 Squadron, the only British Squadron to fly the P-39

pgwheel said...

I have done some research on the markings. Me-109 A&B are for JG-27;C is 7th Fighter Group Romanian Air Force;P-40E is for the Flying Tigers after they were absorbed into the 23rd Fighter Group of the 14th Airforce;B is flown by Col. John "Jack" Chennault, son of Gen. Claire Chennault,he commanded the 11th Fighter Squadron in the Aleutian Islands the were nicknamed the Aleutian Tigers;C is RAF 112 Squadron;P-39Q A is an aircraft flown by future Medal of Honor Winner William Shomo;B is an aircraft flown by the Italian Co-Belligent Airforce which was formed in 1943 after Italy joined the allies;C is for RAF 601 Squadron which was the only RAF Squadron to operate P-39s

zap123 said...

A Bandai C just sold on Fleabay this morning for $13. Also just remembered that Kami de Korokoro do a P-40B.

Anonymous said...

I ♥ Wing Kit