Friday, March 11, 2011

1/144 Vomag "Command Car" - Kampfgruppe144

1/144 Vomag "Command Car" - Kampfgruppe144

'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I'

Kampfgruppe144 is able to bring you the next most support unit from the Vomag Series of vehic;es - that being the Command Car or 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I'.

The Command/Targeting (Messwagen der Befehlsstelle) carriages were based on the same Vomag chassis as the version equipped with the 88mm gun. However, they were instead equipped with a revised chassis and range of "Targeting Computer" options.

This release is the 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I', which was equipped with the Kommando-Gerät 36 (Primary rangefinder and mechanical analogue computer for directing anti-aircraft guns (featuring Ziess Optics)) which required a crew of 15 to operate it effectively.

The 'Messwagen der Befehlsstelle I', was used to direct the targeting and firing for a battery of consisting of 4x Vomag 88mm vehicles.

The Command/Targeting (Messwagen der Befehlsstelle) carriages were designed for the acquistion and targeting of the long range, high altitude bomber fleets of the RAF, USAAF and laterly Soviet forces.

This new model comes with many new features, not previously implemented:
- Revised chassis converetd to allow for the transportation of the large crew,
- All new detailed Kommando-Gerät 36 'Targeting and Range Finding computer',
- Revised side panels (targeting and transportation mode options),
- Revised 360 mounting for the Kommando-Gerät 36

Produced from 3D CAD models, and manufactured using Shapeways 3D process.

The Kit is available in two colour options:
- Early War - Panzer Grey (info)
- Mid War - DunkelGelb (info)

Available: March 2011 (12-03-2011)
Price: 19.90 USD (Panzer Grey) ("Buy now")
Price: 20.90 USD (Dunkel Gelb) ("Buy Now")
Production Agent: CGD / CGD

An extended history page for the Vomag Series has been provided Here , it also includes a section on the deployment of the Vomag 88mm and Vomag Command Carriages, and a further description of the Kommando-Gerät 36 !!

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so the next will be VOMAG Niederflurfahrzeuge ?

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an interesting idea :)

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