Sunday, March 20, 2011

1/144 German Dicker Max 10.5cm SPG - PanzerDepot

1/144 German Dicker Max 10.5cm SPG - PanzerDepot

A new production, a German experimental vehicle designed to destroy enemy armour and bunkers. It was used actively in the early stages of invasion of Russia during 'Operation Barbaross' but was retired by late 1941. whilst it was proven to be a useful tool that was highly effective at penetrating fortifications and heavy Soviet armour. It was less suited to the tactics of 'blitzkrieg' to the more restricted movement of the gun carriage and the traverse of the main weapon.

More info on "Dicker Max" on Wiki , Achtung Panzer and Valka

Available: March 2011

Grey: $17.80
Camo: &18.80
Winter $17.80

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