Monday, March 28, 2011

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit-Road

1/144 BAC TSR-2 - Pit-Road (ref: SN06)

The ill fated TSR-2 (Tactical Strike Reconnaissance) project of mythical status.

Many of you will know of this aircraft and will need little reminding of this aura and mystique that surrounds this aircraft. Those of you who know little or nothing of this aircraft should read and learn......

Some great sprue photos at Hobby Search and Pit-Road

Available: March 2011
Price: @Yen 2,000

other TSR-2 refs

Also, the TSR-2 would look great next to another period cancelled project the Avro-730

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Anonymous said...

I've got three on their way from HLJ!
I hope somebody makes a set of "what if" markings as has been done for 1:72 and 1:48 scales, or else I'll have to resort to using Tornado GR.1/4 decals.
Making a prototype would be a pain, painting white over that dark plastic. I've got the Wolfpack resin kit and I'll be using it to make a prototype as it's in white resin!
Can't wait to get them...


Anonymous said...

The parts seem to be in white plastic which would make more sense.


bluedonkey99 said...

Correct the production sprues do seem to be white plastic as per the Hobbysearch link provided in the post, and repeated here