Sunday, January 22, 2006

1/144 sdkfz 234 "Puma" - By WGS

Ok Guys, Final post of the weekend I reckon.....

The third part of the recon patrol?

Pictures are of a 1/144 sdkf 234 Puma.... which apparently never came in panzer grey but where always delivered from teh factory in "Dunkelgelb".... oh well, you live and learn.
I suppose we can all sometimes forget and be fooled by all those Hollywood movies?

Still makes for an interesting threesome... ;-)

This is a metal piece in 1/144 scale made by "War Games South" in the UK.
Whilst aimed at "War games" they can obviously be used to plug the gaps in your colelction that Dragon and TAkara havent released yet. Please check these guys out they have some interesting items!

following this episode, I would recommend priming the items, not to make the paint stick to the surface but to stop it coming off!!


wtmblogger said...

The Puma looks good and I like the M10 and other armor cars. However, not much pictures about the figures it seems they are hobbits family again.

Anonymous said...

sorry don't understand the "hobbit's" remark?

do you want more or less figure shots?