Thursday, January 12, 2006

Amerika Bomber?

Not sure if this is Gundam or not... (To be honest not a big Gundam fan) , but it is still from an Anime Sci-Fi Series of yesteryear in japan.

You can get a lot of this stuff in two sizes "little" and "large"....
One of the series "STARBAZERS" can be bought in a huge boxset with leterally 30 or more kits all in a 1/1200 scale + some others... They range froma a few inches to well over 6-8 depending on the kit.

As you may imagine, I buy the "little" versions of the kits.

This kit is actually 1/550, but with a bit of work I think it would make a good ARADO Style AMERIKA Bomber!? I think those Luft'46 fans out there will see where I am coming from with this one... loose the legs, and ther loose the tailplane or mount it the other otherway up??


wtmblogger said...

Yes, this plane is from the first series back in 1979. However, Bandai (like Dragon) keeps on releasing the old stuff (but with new mold and new design so they are better than Dragon) and I think this plane got released in different scales, different materials from time to time. I think I also have a box of this in my garage.

bluedonkey99 said...

It would be nice to find one in a scale that made it bigger than the kit I have, I think it might them be relaistic as an america bomber, as it stands at the moment its more of a strange fighter!