Thursday, January 05, 2006

B-Club Resin Kits

Again, another little known range of product outside of Japan is B-Club, I am not sure if this is a subsiduary of POPY or just marketed by POPY in Japan. As well as the 1001 robots you normally get from a Japanese company they does some 1/144 tanks on a scale that could be used with your other items.

I have identified 4 tanks that are on the same scale as the Dragon, and WTM items. There are a number of others but although they have a scale of 1/144 they tend to be way to big and make the MAUS look like tiny!

As you can see there are 2 Futureistic Anime style tanks and 2x "panzer '46" Whermacht Prototype tanks. The Anime Tanks have recently been available again, sadly the other two are still on back order...... :(


wtmblogger said...

B-Club is an affiliate/subsidiary of Bandai - the toy manufacturing giant of Gundam in Japan. Yes, IIRC, the designer of these tanks is the same guy who designed the Popy tanks and planes. And you probably know that guy works for Bandai now. I do like his works a lot as it'a combination of WWII and Sci-fi (my another hobby).

B-Club normally releases resin (Sci-fi) kits which are not popular enough to mass-produced in plastic. I do have a couple of 1/144 stuffs but mainly from Gundam as Gundam is my boyhood idol. Sadly, I don't think B-Club will release anything other than Sci-fi.

bluedonkey99 said...

It is intersting to findout what IIRC is upto now, it was a sad day when he left POPY, it was due to Project Flieger I got into all this 1/44 and collecting ativities!! I had heard IIRC had gone to Bandai to make robots.... I have one zaku I am half way through building and I only got him as there was a spacecraft with him that i oneday intend to do a Luft46 project on! - maybe i post a picture later!

If you know of anywhere where I can get the b-club panzer 46 protoypes I would love to know, the sci-fi ones are ok and interesting but not quite the same.

wtmblogger said...

I also buy these mainly from HLJ or another wholeseller. For these resin kits, you need to buy as soon as they are released as I don't think they will be re-released regularly.